what is the definition of the word poke

Can you imagine the punishment one would recieve if someone had gone up and destroyed one of these memorials?
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Strong's # 8034, shem ; a primitive word perhaps rather from 7760 through the idea of definite and conspicuous position; compare 8064; an appellation, aark or memorial of individuality ; by implication honor, authority, character: - base, in- fame-ous, name-d, renown, report.
Nitti, Frank - Al Capone's heir/successor, capone, Al - Infamous/notorious Chicago (born Italy) gang leader of the 1920s - but even today, his name is synonymous with organized crime.One Grand Prize consisting of: school set casino arona tenerife of at least 500 books; one (1) Scholastic Childrens Dictionary and one (1) Scholastics Childrens Thesaurus; and classroom set of 30 WordGirl Prize Packs Grand Prize Approximate Retail Value or ARV: slowpoke pics 3495.18.Yet one of the most often looked for pieces of information regarding word is not something that would be found in its definition.We do not have the right to change His name to whatever we want to call Him.However, in preparing your own writings, it is worth remembering that the dictionary encompasses the most widely used terms in English.Most general English dictionaries are designed to include only those words that meet certain criteria of usage across wide areas and over extended periods of time (for more details about how words are chosen for dictionary entry, read "How does a word get into.Lifo - Acronym for "last in, first out" - an accounting/inventory method.External links will be removed.

What is a mark but something that is written?
Ness, Eliot - Federal/Treasury agent assigned to "bring down" Al Capone and his criminal gang - which he did successfully and semi-successfully, respectively.
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