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Ashethe Frost ArchergAshe, aurelion SolThe Star ForgergAurelionSol, azirthe Emperor of the SandsgAzir.
Inspiration Magical Footwear You get free boots at 10 min but match du jour loto foot you cannot buy boots before then.
Votes: 25, views: 248,839, guide by SweatMeALake updated April 14, 2019.League of Legends Champion Guides.W E,.67 626.38.21 10,669.46.3 2,596.31.66 2,838.34.69 765.82.05 719.16.66 262.73.19 228.96.53 8,845.4.73 3,026.36 8 1,114.87 Pick Rate.93 2,455 Win Rate.71 Pick Rate.Players guide you through every step of Varus creation, modification and play style.Bardthe Wandering CaretakergBard, blitzcrankthe Great Steam GolemgBlitzcrank, brandthe Burning VengeancegBrand.Blitz App FortniteMaster StatsRealmRoyale pubg ProBuilds Store TSM News ChampionSelect LoLCounter NewsOfLegends DotaHut Terms of Service Privacy Policy Contact.League of Legends guides are sorted by how up to date they are, but can also be sorted by other criteria such as rating, author level, age or total comments.50.05 Win Rate 995 Games.23 Win Rate 372 Games Precision Lethal Tempo.5s after damaging a champion gain a large amount of Attack Speed.Season 9 Guides, guide by ifound1dollar updated April 5, 2019.Votes: 107, views: 334,921, guide by Needlous updated February 2, 2019.Sort: Patch Top Rated NewestAuthor: All Ranked.

Hecarimthe Shadow of WargHecarim, heimerdingerthe Revered InventorgHeimerdinger, illaoithe Kraken PriestessgIllaoi.
Cassiopeiathe Serpent's EmbracegCassiopeia, cho'Gaththe Terror of the VoidgChogath, corkithe Daring BombardiergCorki.
Patch.6, champions Analyzed 2,760,780, league: Varus's Probuilds: ADC.72 Role Rate 6549 Analyzed This Patch.
EvelynnAgony's EmbracegEvelynn, ezrealthe Prodigal ExplorergEzreal, fiddlesticksthe Harbinger of DoomgFiddlesticks, fiorathe Grand DuelistgFiora.Triumph Takedowns restore 12 of your missing health and grant an additional 20 gold.Aatroxthe Darkin BladegAatrox, ahrithe Nine-Tailed FoxgAhri, akalithe Rogue AssassingAkali.ADC Champions that double diamond deluxe slot machine free Counter Varus ADC Champions that Varus Counters Support Champions that Counter Varus Support Champions that Varus Counters Support Champions that Synergize poorly with Varus Support Champions that Synergize well with Varus isn't endorsed by Riot Games and doesn't reflect the views.Braumthe Heart of the FreljordgBraum, caitlynthe Sheriff of PiltovergCaitlyn, camillethe Steel ShadowgCamille.Each takedown you get makes your boots come 30s sooner.Lethal Tempo allows you to temporarily exceed the attack speed limit.

Coup de Grace Deal more damage to low health enemy champions.
Champion guides for the, league of Legends champion Varus.