Alexandra had had enough. .
"And now let the show begin Alexandra commanded.
I just thought youd like to know that while youre being baked alive.Her men had prepared well, stocking the warehouse with a variety of specialty apparatus, devices which were meant to be used only as tools of torture, not just ones which originally were designed for a carpenter or a welder.Tara was not quite dead yet, but she was ready to complete her harrowing journey to oblivion.Tara willed herself to pass out again, to make the horrors go away, but as the stimulant gained full potency, she eventually found herself fully revived and facing Alexandras wrath.Would you like me to she began meekly.She hardly need have bothered. ."Yeeeeeeaaaaagghhhh!" shrieked Tara until she ran out of breath and started gasping for air. .She snarled and gritted her teeth as even the tiny muscles in her lips were cramped by the electricity.Very well done, Mlady, said Jim, the black man who had enjoyed Taras charms earlier that evening. .First, I still want to know how you and your friends smuggle the Blue Velvet into the country. .

Though she was afraid of the answers, Tara summoned enough strength to ask some questions. .
She nodded, and the men threw Tara roughly onto the mattress.
He knew exactly what the Dragon Lady had in mind.The sudden pain only made him fuck her harder, and did nothing to help her breathing problems.He and his wife get by just fine until they are informed they will be visited by Admiral Mountbatten, who will see how things are going and then brief the Queen.well, Ill be damned. .This hurts you have no idea how much my leg hurts!" she replied, trying to sound less enraged.Tara had barely a minute to recover from her inexorable beating. .The only thing sluts like this care about are their looks and their tits. .The device whirred to life, and a round aperture opened in the middle of the cubes top, just a few inches past the controls. .His blackjack 29 dual rudder parents did not have money for orthodontic treatments, so Brandy had acquired a set of predatory fangs which he put to good use to intimidate, and sometimes attack his foes."5000 volts of searing current. .A child of poor parents, Petra became a low-paid photo model, and for her boss, a nice but otherwise disposable fuck toy.She obligingly swallowed every drop before licking the slowly shrinking cock clean."Well, well, slut, it seems your body has become a few pounds lighter since you arrived.Alexandra stood up and proudly invited some of her men to inspect her handiwork. .This time the thugs understood. .

Her tits are perfect.