If both contestants pick the same number, they keep selecting until there is a winner.
Should both contestants find 3 eggs in the same number of turns, the amounts are re-shuffled and another game is played.
Format of second version edit The Wheel Game edit Before each game, the two contestants spin six wheels (three for each contestant) with numbers from 0 scandale absolute poker through 9 to determine the winning number for the lottery game.
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Egg Face-Off edit Once the wheels are spun, the contestants then face boards with numbers from 0 through.Canadian television game shows broadcast during two different periods.Roger Baulu (replaced by, doris Lussier for the final season accompanied, at first,.If either of the contestants spin duplicates of a certain number, they originally spun a bonus wheel, which gave them the chance to win a prize, such as a television set, a vacation, or a new car valued at 25,000.The player activates the wheel and wins the cash prize indicated in the segment where the wheel stops.Both players are present at the bonus game, however, but only the winning contestant can select an egg.The player takes home the prize with the highest value.The highest value is 13,000.With these total winnings, the contestant can buy an egg, chosen at random, containing a prize.Three games are played every episode, with 2 players per game (6 players per show).On Wednesday, July 24, 2019.

The winner then had to choose at random an envelope containing a prize that was worth less than, equal to, or greater than the winnings already accumulated.
The contestants alternate picking numbers, and their captain cook casino bonus codes first selections are always the numbers they spun on the wheels.
In the case of a tripled number, the player continues to uncover symbols until two pairs of identical symbols are revealed.
Losing contestants keep their winnings plus an additional 1,000 for each of the eggs they found (if any).Thereafter, you will only be entitled to a cash prize worth 100.There are two possible outcomes: either she/he loses everything (or merely wins a trifling sum or she/he wins a prize of high value.All numbers drawn on air (decomposable).If the contestant spun three of the same number, they were allowed to pick golden eggs until two matches were made, and they won the prize of the higher value.Cash prizes range from 2,500 to 25,000.