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Hvordan kvalificerer jeg mit til at modtage en reloadbonus?If its 2,000 / year, then you can take a poker motto chance but anything over 10,000 / year and you're playing with fire.I can outline the mechanics of how it works if someone really wants to go that direction, but essentially the benefits are: - the bank account is in the corp name, creating a separation between you and the gaming activities.says the 35-year-old who lives in Toronto.And that's what worries Sol Boxenbaum, co-founder of Viva Consulting, a national non-profit organization based in Montreal that operates as a gambling watchdog.Also, what about the very first year that you show a profit in online poker?If I am making 50-200k/yr at poker, then I may look at setting up a ccpc (small private corporation) with its own bank account, depositing funds there and then paying yourself a salary.Posts: 3,118 Re: Canadian Online Poker Tax Thread, 01:52 AM # 13 Equal veteran Join Date: Apr 2004 Location: Vancouver players PM me!"I used to play for a living at a live card room here in Toronto.

Tax-wise, you'd have a better position winning the wsop and that's it for the year then winning 5 million playing 4 hours a day every day.
It may take them more than a year to catch on, but legally the liability is the same.
However that doesn't mean that this won't happen in the future.4thstreetpete, 11:42 PM # 21 Tuco old hand Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: get away from me bitch Posts: 1,569 Re: Canadian Online Poker Tax Thread tcfe, Thank you for all your (free) advice in this thread.Need to figure out what business income is and separate it from windfall law has established that it is an organized activity carried on with reasonable expectation of profit."In September I'm up about 1,700 (U.S.Factors are he had an interest in several race horsed, had inside information from jockeys etc., for 10yrs he systematically attended all races, this constitutes a business or calling and monies are therefore taxable Decision in favor of respondent (Evil Tax Man).occasional legal expenses to maintain the corp books - less than 1,000/yr.H) He was calculating and disciplined.That would either come from a tip or an audit.

That has now been dropped and there need only be a genuine attempt to earn profit.
As for being a professional gambler, I've always said "good, call me that".