She quickly began poking holes in his theory.
Instructions, for Leather Punching a Small Hole.
Necessary Materials, leather, leather punch, ruler, straight edge, or yardstick, pencil.
Look through your heavy-duty hollow leather punch set until you jeux de casino gratuit en ligne western find a punch of poker en ligne gratuit contre ordinateur the correct size.
4, use a sharp object instead.If you have one, an electric drill can be used to drill a hole through the belt, as long as you're careful.Flat surface, set of heavy-duty hollow punches (if you need to make large holes).The tool designed for this purpose is called an awl, but any sharp, metal stick or even a Phillips-head screwdriver will work fairly well.Tommy, stop poking holes in your bread and eat it!Long distance relationship can paintings no longer each and every physique is that fortunate even though it would desire to paintings do no longer lose desire supply your ultimate.

Next, place the belt on top of a block of wood and use heavy objects to weigh it down on either side so it stays in place.
If any leather scraps are stuck in the hole, use a toothpick to push them out.
See also: hole, poke poke a hole in something and poke a hole through something to make a hole by pushing something through something; to push something through a hole.
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Dot the leather with a permanent marker to guide your punching.