For example, if the last 12 hands were bbbpppbbbppp, I would bet that everybody at the table would bet on the Banker the next hand.
When referring to an actual bet, I use capital letters.
Then, move two cells to the left.
The Small Road in hotel casino bodrum loto quebec site mobile the sign pictured was too big to fit in the grid, so the first four columns dropped off.This corresponds to the same hand represented in cell C1 of the Big Road table.Although I personally don't play baccarat, I have wondered for years about some of the tables in those displays of the shoe history.If they are the same in depth, then record a red circle in the Big Eye Boy.

In other words, consider the latest entry machine poker casino victoria in the Big Road.
If they are not, then record a blue circle.
However, that is not what I'm talking about.
Tie and pair wins are also noted with slashes and dots.To be specific, a tie is noted with a green line through the previous Player or Banker win.If they are the same in depth, then record a red circle in the Small Road.Each entry in the Big Eye Boy is recorded as follows: If the hand in question causes a new column in the Big Road, then compare the previous two columns in the Big Road.If these two cells are the same, whether both Player, both Banker, or both blank; then mark a red in the Big Eye Boy.So, with the introductions out of the way, let's get started.Here is a picture of a typical sign, seen at the Venetian.When referring to the player playing the game, I use lower case.To help with this part, I explain below every entry in the Big Eye Boy table that follows.Wins are recorded as follows: Blue Player win, red Banker win, green Tie win.Every entry in the Big Eye Boy table, as well as the next two tables, will refer to a specific entry in the Big Road.Big Eye Boy Play by Play.In the interest of simplicity, in this example there were only Player and Banker wins.When he reaches the bottom row, he moves over one column to the right and back to the top row.The player starts in the upper left hand corner and makes his way down.